Subject: Contact
Author: Justin
Date:   3/9/2013 2:58 am PDT
My God, why is it so hard to contact you thru your website???

This is some of what I messaged, please keep in touch, a lot is going down with this now!

I found it hard to find a way to get in contact with you from your website. I wrote a long email about what is going on here in Portland, OR with us fighting having water fluoridation. My message didn't go thru and this was the only way I could see to contact you. It would be good to connect, we have a vote on May 21st if we will have it put in our water system. I am finishing up videos for 2 songs I created about what those chemicals are and as much info as I have learned about water fluoridation and what it does to the human body. Would be good to fight this together.

Much love & blessings

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Justin 3/9/2013 2:58 am PDT
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