Subject: RE: Desires
Author: Cindy
Date:   1/18/2006 11:48 pm AHST
"The truth is utterly simple"..........aren't these complications of desires you speak of coming from the avenues of escape that one chooses? When you resist the impulses to 'escape' that have been 'conditioned' or etched in our minds.....and say YES to facing what you feel is suffering.........aren't you making the conscious choice to surrender, to stop the attempt of 'escape' just be.

Celebrate the moment.

An extraordinary friend shared with me the wonder of truth. The pure force of life: choice. To be present, fully present in the moment, we choose to. We can consciously watch our involvement in our desires and tell the truth. We should always allow ourselves to fully experience this truth, if it allows pain or pleasure into our experience, it is still 'energy' is is. There is no need to justify your desires, only allow yourself to consciously acknowledge the attachment to the desire.

"Truth is utterly simple"......Desires; just allowed to be..................are pure. Be free.
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