Subject: RE: Anger, Depression and Truth
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   7/8/2006 4:42 am AHST
Jacob or A.K.A-AG

I am sure you realize that you have posted a personal message to me on a website that anyone is welcome to read. I am also sure that is why you have chosen to be secret about your identity. Although your message is personal
to me I would like to take the opportunity to address it here as you have chosen to attach your message to The dialogue of Anger, Depression and Truth. Considering the content of your message, I find it quite fitting.

I posted the Anger, Depression and Truth as an open dialogue many months
ago. Before that I was having consistent communication from the few people who were regulars to the website. As you can see by the dates no one has responded or even gone near the anger dialogue until you. So let me say thank you for being brave enough to step forward and finally open the line of communication.

When I first read your posted message I thought you were just a very angry
person. With the judgments you made about me and how I choose to go about my life. There was no other logical reason for your words.

Upon deeper reflection I realized that maybe you were depressed and
the anger is how you express it. Maybe you feel you are a good person
and you do all the right things and your life is not going the way you expected it to. From your message you say I am bad and do things that
are wrong and the result of that is I am having a perfect life because I can hide here in Hawaii. You feel that is just not fair. Regardless of what emotion it is you are feeling one thing is clear. It has become important to you to make your feelings public.

So its quite easy to see where the anger and depression is in your message
but where does the truth come into your words. Does it live in the comments you are making about me and how I live my life. Or is the truth hidden deep inside your pain and your public message to me is how you get to it.

I don't mind you passing judgment on me if it helps you get to you.
But maybe getting to know yourself and your emotions is a better place
to start then pretending you know the truth about me.

As I have mentioned that we all choose to express our emotions in our own unique way. Jacob Bush here feels the need to attack. Clearly this person is in conflict with themselves and feels that my actions our the cause of that
conflict. I pass this on to you Jacob.

No matter how deeply you are convinced that your problem is with me.
Know I am just the role player you chose to play out your issue. You will need to come to your own terms with that. I hope just like me that one day we will
grow to know and love all aspects of ourselves including the ones that seem less glamorous to us. I trust that with time you will open yourself to hear your own voice and will not need to place it upon others.

Let us suspend our own judgment of Jacob's message for a moment and recognize that Jacob is experiencing an emotion. Probably many. It doesn't feel good. So what choices are available. Do we investigate a little deeper into what we are feeling and why we are feeling it. Do we let it tell us something about ourselves and how we operate, Or do we blame someone or something else for what we are experiencing and stay focussed on the other persons operation.

So my question to you Jacob Bush A.K.A. AG What is the difference between the person who reflects on themselves and is interested in understanding those reflections and the person who just wants to blame them on the one holding the mirror.
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