Subject: My thoughts on human nature...
Author: J
Date:   8/9/2006 4:11 pm AHST
I am always fascinated, and regularly surprised by the choices that we humans make in our lives. I'm not a sage, or a highly educated psychotherapist, but I am a very good people-watcher. And I have observed that when people feel the worst is when they have the greatest desire to share the force of their misery. It's as if they cannot find their own inner equilibrium and so they seek to push the energy onto someone (or something) else to "even it out."

I imagine an enraged person to be rather like water sloshing in a crystal glass that is teetering on the edge of a table.... the strength of his/her energetic despair or anger is sloshing around in the crystalline Self that defines them, and that furor needs to move! It needs to propel the Self to actions (like falling off the table) that the Self has no desire to do...and it vigorously pushes inside the Self, first one direction then another, until either A) the purity of Self stands strong and lets the emotions eventually subside... or B) Self falls off the table and...!

Well, even then, the allegorical crystalline Self might not shatter. It might miraculously bounce off the table leg and roll harmlessly across the carpet... all the force of emotional water splashed across the rug for everyone to see...the Self none the worse for the experience. Yet, hopefully, while it is in that awkwardly prone state down on the floor, the Self will silently contemplate the spilled emotions now blotching a lovely silk Oriental carpet.

Which brings me back to my initial observation and thoughts. Our emotional watery tempests belong in our own glasses. Sloshing around with the Perrier and backwash of our lives. By all means, hold your crystalline glass up for others to see inside, share observations... perhaps, if you're feeling risky, take a sip from another glass or share your own... but do take care not to spill your contents all over someone else's carpet. Or webpage. You're only making a mess when you were supposed to be a guest.

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 My thoughts on human nature...    
J 8/9/2006 4:11 pm AHST
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