Subject: Wisdom
Author: Kay
Date:   11/21/2006 10:11 am AHST
I often refer to this website for a host of reasons. Sometimes for inspiration, sometimes just to see what others have to say on the message board and sometimes to re-read thoughts that, for whatever reason, have touched my heart and made a difference in my life. For whatever reason, I have read them before today, but they seem to make more sense then ever. The first two paragraphs say it all:

Everything you desire. All that you dream of. Most importantly. Everthing you need. Is already happening. You just don't know it. Stop searching and let it in.

Love, Peace, Happiness and Well Being are all givens in life. It is up to us to create opportunities to let them in.

Most importantly...One Thought at a Time!

Mahalo Dante....for sharing your wisdom.

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Kay 11/21/2006 10:11 am AHST
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