Subject: RE: Hoplessness
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   7/10/2008 2:58 pm AHST
Well I think today being my 38th birthday would probably be the best
time of any to address this topic. I am not sure if I have lost the few
readers I had or this topic was just too charged for anyone of them
to get close to it. I did however receive a response to my private email
and as I address hopelessness, would like to express to this person a
few things.

First of all I notice that its very difficult for us to just sit with an energy
and investigate the energy itself. We automatically try to give it form
through some kind of story. When I write topics about these things I am looking for the essence of what the energy is. As I believe at the core of
this essence is where the message of truth lives for us. So therefore when
we give the energy a story we create a problem to fix and in fixing the problem we miss the message. We usually feel pretty good about ourselves because we accomplished something. But the proof that the truth was overlooked comes from recognizing the pattern that has formed around
you. For example the same types of things "Keep happening to you"
And you end up dealing with the same things over and over again with
just a different costume for the same story.

This is why I want to just sit with the energy. Let it guide me where it wants
but with just the feeling and not the mind giving reasons for the feelings.
When you become aware of and present for this ride you begin to realize
that the energy is showing you exactly where you are in the way of experiencing real freedom.

For myself I have struggled my whole life with hopelessness.
I have always given it a lot of great stories that made it last much longer
and when it went away it was just retreating for the time being with no
new information or perspective. Meaning when it returns it will be the
same painful uneducated lie.

So with out further ado, I will share with anybody out there still reading my

Hopelessness is not the world turning against you and you see no way out. Hopelessness is you turning against yourself and you see no way in.

When I just sat with and breathed through the feelings of hopelessness without trying to blame it on the external things that were happening,
I could start to see where I had fractioned a piece of myself off into believing
that it was not connected to me and to the source of it all. The real hopelessness came from not understanding that all I had to do was open
my heart to this fractioned piece and accept my judgments around it.
Helping it to know its true nature of the unbreakable connection to its source.

In summation for simplicity through a great storm of emotions. Don't turn
on yourself. Communicate with all of you. Let all of you in, especially the
parts you think you don't like. Be kind to those spaces. Especially when
they are scared and feeling separate from you and your love.

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