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 Subject: Edwin E. Bennett Jr.
Author: Lisa Bennett Stokes
Date:   4/19/2015 12:58 am EDT
I have just found my father's volumes of letters from WWII and I am trying to put a book together for my children...his grandchildren.

I need some help and guidance in my research, as I am new to this process.
Fold3 seems to be of little help...except it does mention Box # 0506 Film Reel Number 2.170 (how do I get access to those?)

This is what I know:
Edwin Eversley Bennett Jr. (born July 2nd, 1914 - died Feb. 14, 1981)
Soc. Sec. # 150-185-314
Army Serial Number: 32385620
Enlisted 23 June 1941
82nd Airborne
508 PIR
I Company
1st Platoon

His letters mention Kelso Horne from his Company on the cover of Life Magazine and Col. Louis G. Mendez Jr.

Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Lisa

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 Edwin E. Bennett Jr.    
Lisa Bennett Stokes 4/19/2015 12:58 am EDT
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