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 Subject: RE: Cpl Ernest T. Roberts, D 508th PIR
Author: Mark Eckenrode
Date:   7/3/2015 2:15 pm EDT
I am searching for any information, esp photos, for Corporal Ernest T. Roberts, Company D 508th PIR WW II, a Distinguished Service Cross recipient, from family members and/or friends. Please contact: Mark Eckenrode, Chapter Historian, 508th Airborne Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Assoc; www.haamchang@gmail.com.
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 Pvt John A. Lockwood D/508th PIR   new  
Mark Eckenrode 7/3/2015 2:06 pm EDT
 RE: Cpl Ernest T. Roberts, D 508th PIR    
Mark Eckenrode 7/3/2015 2:15 pm EDT
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