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 Subject: RE: 1951 Jump School Records
Author: Sally Patterson
Date:   1/4/2016 6:45 pm EDT
I just wanted to see if anyone "out there" would be interested in a book I have. It is kind of a yearbook:
Blue cover with 508th AIRBORNE R C T FT. Benning, Ga. with 2 ensignia on cover. Title page: 508th AIRBORNE REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM JUNE, 1951 TO AUGUST 1942 FT. BENNING, GEORGIA

Pages are not numbered but there are at least 100 pages chocked full of photos. Condition is okay with some foxing & such on inside covers and their facing pages. Text is clean & unmarked but I can't say it's bright. All photos are black & white. Might be of interest to some of you old soldiers! I'd like about $30 out of it and I'll pay postage.

Sally Patterson
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