Subject: Re: Adaptive control of resonant frequency (DAQ VI
Author: perfeito
Date:   9/21/2014 7:24 pm EDT
Hi everyone!

I am working on implementing a adaptive loop control of frequency in the fft analysis of the experimental system interfaced by the Daq vi.
the whole process is as follows

1) sin input from daq vi is given to amplifier and to the test subject (resonator and beaker module).
2) The resonator induces vibrations into the beaker, converting from electrical signal to vibratory signals.
3) then i perform the FFT analysis of the output signal which is accuired from the beaker by a pressure sensor.
4) The whole process is to test the b eaker for cavitation, like to check for resonance not the frequency and then check for cavitation.. this is a manual repetitive process.

I have build the loop for continuously sampling the data in a particular frequency range...But ny question to make the system to adapt to a particular resonant frequency on its own (own in the sence, it has to adapt to one particular frequency at which the resonance is maximum)?

below is the code for reference......i would be much thankful, if someone could come up with suggestions....

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 Re: Adaptive control of resonant frequency (DAQ VI    
perfeito 9/21/2014 7:24 pm EDT
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