Subject: RE: Wild Pony 2010
Author: Jim Piatt
Date:   10/1/2010 3:31 am PDT
I think I dropped 77 points. I started sore and beat up because of working in my attic wrestling big metal intake pipes for my HVAC. Then 2 minutes before the start realized I'd forgotten to put gas in the bike, I was so rushed getting ready. So I didn't get the Checkmate started correctly and never did figure out how to get it caught up. I just discovered one of the reasons I fell maybe 10 times...fork seal is gone so the boingers weren't happy. Then lost 15 minutes or so in a special test trying to get a rock out of the chain that had locked up the rear wheel.Some of the time I followed Derosiers who was a number behind me to keep time. Just before the next to last check I was so pooped I just stopped and ate an energy bar then dropped 18 points on that check. Kept me from burning the last one though or I woulda had maybe a 100 points or so as well. To me, instead of a family enduro it was a race with some mandatory slow sections. I admire any kids who made more than one check, let alone finish like this geezer did. I was so tired after the RACE it took maybe 20 minutes just to get my gear off. The AC and cool shower in the motorhome made it worth taking.
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