Subject: Ghosttown
Author: Krish
Date:   8/30/2008 6:29 pm 
Nobody reads this. At least, nobody participates.
Top 5 answers to insults.
"Your'e just a minimum wage security guard!"
5)I'll have you know I make a dollar more than minimum wage!
4)11.50 and dental, bitch!
3) You know you just fucked up, right? Just now, you fucked up!
2) Are you done?
1) You miss a essential part of this equation. You want to come in/or stay. I am a filter of assholes. I have no profit in ejecting/denying you from this establishment. I am doing so, because, you are, quite frankly, not playing well with others." Take a cab or designated driver and bounce, confrontational one.

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