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 Subject: My new German Shepherd
Author: Don Blake
Date:   7/29/2011 4:32 pm EDT
I recently purchaced a 9month old german shpherd AKC certified from a very rich gentleman in upstate NY. She is a female named lucy. My kids love her and the gentleman I purchaced her from had her in dog training school. The only problem is he is a traveling buisness man and after purchasing the dog realized that he could not spend anytime with her. Lucy is a very mild mannered dog and very well with walks. But she is not house trained at all. in 2 days she has urinated in my house several times with no remorse. As a kid growing up I watched people rub noses in it and spank them. But I am trying to steer away from this and use the positive reinforcement. But being a 9 month old dog does anyone have any tips to help?? I am not sure about the kennel training because this to me seems cruel. I would not want to be put in that cage for any period of time. But if you feel this is the best and only way I guess I could try it. I praise her up and down when she goes to the bathroom outside im just not sure if this is enough. Ty for your time.
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 My new German Shepherd    
Don Blake 7/29/2011 4:32 pm EDT
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