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 Subject: Looking for a GSD
Author: Chris Hungler
Date:   8/7/2011 7:18 pm EDT
We are planning on moving to the South Florida area next summer and are interested in a GSD. We had a GSD/Chow mix for 14yrs and just lost him. We are thinking about a pure GSD this time. My husband is a police officer and will be gone at night. We have two boys, 12 and 6 years of age. I will be home with them alone and miss having a dog to help me feel secure being home alone.

I have been looking at websites and trying to decide where to look for a GSD. I am nervous about where to purchase and don't want to fall for a "puppy mill" I am impressed with the amount of information that you have added in your site about training and care for a GSD.

How would you suggest that we go about looking for a breeder?

I am a little concerned about prepaying for a GSD before seeing and interacting with the puppy. But I like being able to make payments ahead "layaway" to make it more affordable. Cost is a concern.

Any helpful hints and suggestions would be appreciated. Again, I am impressed and thankful with the information that you have listed on your site.

Thank you,
Chris Hungler
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