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 Subject: New G.S. Pup
Author: Doug
Date:   12/5/2011 8:47 am EDT
Hello all, The wife and I just received a new member of the family. Her name is Pauls von der Salzteichaue. She is one very smart pup. We have had her now for approx 2 weeks and already have her potty trained. She will go to the back door and let us know she has to go. She knows the sit command and performs it pretty well. As she gets older and her brain gets more developed she will learn alot more commands. I expect great things from her. We purchased her from Jose Diaz and she is exactly what we wanted. She likes to play ball and will return it to me when I toss it. She still has a small problem releasing the ball but that will change. right now she loosens her grip on it where I can have the ball but she is not old enough to quite understand what is required yet. You can visit her at: in the Photo Gallery.
I am a professional trainer so it won't be long before she will be performing several new commands.
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 New G.S. Pup    
Doug 12/5/2011 8:47 am EDT
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