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 Subject: RE: lethargy and lameness
Author: Sherri Witt
Date:   10/29/2013 4:22 pm EDT
Hello -
I am very sorry to hear of your dog's lameness. I have several suggestions as to what to do, however.
1) GET A SECOND OPINION!!! I cannot stress this enough.
It can be anything from hip/elbow displaysia to Degenerative Myopathy. Both are heart breaking, not only to the owners, but to these magnificent animals.

2) DID YOU GET THIS DOG FROM THIS BREEDER?? I plan to purchase a puppy from these people and would like to know where your dog came from.

3) What type of diet did you feed your dog? From Day 1.

4) When he was a puppy, did it have impacts of play (intense) whereby it was followed with long periods of inactivity?
This can have a major impact on the development of it's joints.

5) What type of supplements did you provide and when did you start?

6) Not a question, but a possible solution: Have you taken your dog to a vet school for diagnosis? This should have been recommended at the onset by your vet.

I hope I have helped in some way. I wish you and your dog well and hope this can be corrected.

Sherri Witt

Kirk Christiansen wrote:
I have been blessed to have in my live for nearly 6 years my first GSD. He, Rolf, is of excellent pedigree, well known lineage, but over the past few weeks he's suffered from lameness in his legs, alternating from a front left to a rear right. It's affected all four limbs to date and while both anti-inflammatory and narcotic pain meds do help, the cause of this has been as of yet, totally unable to be determined. He's had multiple blood work, exams, etc. with the only abnormality being an increased hemoglobin level. No specific joint nor lymph node has been noted as being enlarged nor swollen and nor has he displayed any discomfort during any of his physical exams and all have been very testing, surely resulting in some form of reaction; still, nothing. At nearly 6 years of age, it's very difficult to determine what this is, the Vet, who has treated all of my dogs for many years, is equally concerned yet confounded. Please, if any one has experienced or has even the slightest insight i....
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