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 Subject: RE: My new German Shepherd
Author: chris
Date:   1/23/2015 7:18 am EDT
Hi Don, by now you probably have more answers and are more confused. I have raised puppies all my life, I own a German Shepherd 1 year old from VA1 bloodlines. Anyway consistency is always best on your part. I hung a bell on my back door, raised his paw to it every time I took him out and within approx. 3 weeks he was good to go. If you or someone is not at home to take out every 2 hours or so (not at night) crate her in small crate as animals learn not to potty where they sleep, it will be more difficult to train her. Shepherd are very smart and trainable so do the same thing every time and one day you will realize Hey I don't think she has gone in the house lately. Don't give up it will come.
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