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 Subject: Jose Diaz is a CHEAT
Author: Andrew Runge
Date:   11/23/2015 8:54 pm EDT
I bought a Stud Service from Jose Diaz with a Guarantee Success last spring '15 for Tuareg Von Bad-Boll.

This Guy is a Cheat and SCAM ARTIST

I notified Jose Diaz beginning of OCT '15 that my Dog was Due for Her cycle, and when i Notified Him last night to pay for Shipping he STATED Tuareg Was NOT AVAILABLE to FULLFILL GUARANTEED CONTRACT!!!

Now, Jose Diaz is Refusing to Refund my $800 Stud Fee for his Failure to FULLFILL CONTRACTUAL PURCHASE that was PAID MONTHS AGO!!!

I asked for either 2 female PUPS out of Tuareg (as that was the goal from this stud service) or a Refund and He is refusing to REFUND MY MONEY!!!

I paid Jose Diaz over $1290 in the spring of '15 for a GUARANTEED STUD SERVICE!! I Understood the Fact that $500 was Shipping/prep, as to why i asked for the $800 to be refunded for HIS FAILURE TO FULLFILL HIS GUARANTEE by not having Tuareg Available!!

He offered some Run of the mill dog, but the dog he offered has NONE OF THE TITLES!!! Meaning the DOG HE OFFERED IS ONLY WORTH $700 total for Stud Fee.

I either want my $800 refunded ASAP from this CON-ARTIST or 2 female Pups from Tuareg
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 Jose Diaz is a CHEAT    
Andrew Runge 11/23/2015 8:54 pm EDT
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Andrew Runge 11/23/2015 10:19 pm EDT
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