Subject: RE: VISA Issues -Personal Stories
Author: Susan Ward
Date:   4/30/2007 5:29 am 

Having been actively promoting Florida from our UK Company Florida Villas Ltd. since 1990 the economic effect since 911 has been tremendous.

The rising airline flights, gas price increases attraction ticket prices all add to the now excessive cost of a vacation to Florida and other US states.

The way visitors are treated at the POE leaves a lot to be desired and visa renewals tend to take longer and longer to resolution. Many children still age out of the system despite the enactment of the Child Status Protection act. The E 2 dependant children are not allowed to work for pocket money and have no status at reaching 21 years of age.

Not all children are bright enough to attend college or university and some children have downs syndrom or learning difficulties, so this will tear some families apart.

Death of the petitioner, in my case my husband was the petitioner for my son, sadly my husband passed away and the day he did my sons petition was cancelled. We were informed he aged out even though the CSPA should protect him and torn as a family. Reunification should be top prority and a no nonsense common sense immigration reform must be enacted.

There must be a compassionate visa to cover cases like this on a case by case basis subject to documentary proof. I have been informed of so many visa problems so founded a self help forum and expats voice supports this site and aims. Please feel free to review our site and read many of the horror stories contained therein

One way to increse revenue to the USA would be to introduce a retirement visa. There are many retired vacation home owners, who given the chance would love to live the dream. They would in no way be a burden on the USA, as would have a pension from their home country and adequate health insurance and therefore would be spending all their pension in the USA and at the same time avoid their rental homes being left empty

It is getting harder for the UK snowbirds to obtain a 6 month visitors visa, in addition they have to travel to London or Belfast at great inconvience and cost in the hope they will get the visa approved.

So I ask

Whatever happened to that special relationship, between the UK and USA ?

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