Subject: RE: VISA Issues -Personal Stories
Author: Susan Ward
Date:   5/10/2007 3:43 pm 

For any expat who has ever suffered at the hands of an immigrations specialist, immigration attorney , business broker or other professional or just need a group of expats to share their ups and downs why not join us at We do have a victim support group as well as just being there for each other.

Susan Ward wrote:

Having been actively promoting Florida from our UK Company Florida Villas Ltd. since 1990 the economic effect since 911 has been tremendous.

The rising airline flights, gas price increases attraction ticket prices all add to the now excessive cost of a vacation to Florida and other US states.

The way visitors are treated at the POE leaves a lot to be desired and visa renewals tend to take longer and longer to resolution. Many children still age out of the system despite the enactment of the Child Status Protection act. The E 2 dependant children are not allowed to work for pocket money and have no status at reaching 21 years of age.

Not all children are bright enough to attend college or university and some children have downs syndrom or learning difficulties, so this will tear some families apart.

Death of the petitioner, in my case my husband was the petitioner for my son, sadly my husband passed away and the day he did my sons petition was cancelled. We were inf....
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