Subject: I have MOLDS
Author: Thomas McCormick
Date:   11/2/2017 7:46 pm EDT
I rescued hundreds of molds at an auction a few weeks ago. There are hundreds of them. I've got Duncan, Evergreen, Mackay hobby, Byron, Keller, White Horse, Scioto, Atlantic, Clay Majic, Home star, Dana's Molds, Holland, Kimple, Jodi molds, Louisianna Cajon molds, Tri Star, Anna's Mlds, Arnells, Alberta's and Provincial Molds. I have Nativity sets, Animals, Eggs, Bunny's, dolls, xmas ornaments, Chess pieces, Hats, boots, wildlife scenes.......... I still have to pick up the other 3/4's of the purchase still. I am not trying to make a lot of money off this. I just didn't want to see all these molds, the history of them, get trashed. To much gets thrown away these days. I went ahead and gave the minimum bid for them. I need an enthusiast, someone who knows these things better than I to take over. I want to sell all of these molds, in one lump deal and you can have them all for $1.75 ea. Buy em all and that's your price. I don't know enough about them to list them all on ebay, neither do I have the time. There is about 1500 to 1700 molds. Even a Provincial mold of a Native on a horse i just saw on ebay for 200 something dollars. My ignorance in ceramics might bring one of you a good profit. If your interested, Email me. Please don't ask me to search for certain molds. I'm selling them as a whole. I really hope someone can do this. They are so beautiful. Let me know!!!!!
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