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 Subject: Reactive Dog
Author: Chris Perkins & Melinda Robert
Date:   7/7/2014 12:47 am EDT
First, you are dealing with a group of reactive dogs so you know potentially something could go wrong at any minute. Great care is taken to make sure the handler has control of their dog and you are as safe as possible. The 3 instructors constantly watching and giving pointers to handlers. The class is individualized, progressing at the pace of the handlers and dogs so you do not get rushed into a situation that could end bad. Each instructor adding their own knowledge.

You will be amazed at the last class, when the dogs remain calm as surroundings are changed and strange dogs are introduced. You quickly learn that it is not as much the dog as it is you the handler and the messages you are sending to your dog. Once you get confident in what you need to do, the dog gets confident in you and learns to trust you and does not have to react as much.

We have taken the course twice!! Once with an aggressive Chesapeake Retreiver and the 2nd time with a reactive german shepherd. Yes we could have taken the info learned the first time and applied it but you learn so much about the individual dog. For example, the trainers quickly pointed out that the shepherd was not reacting out of aggression but out of fear of the unknown, changed the way we handled her and improvement was almost immediate.

We got so much out of it the first time, we brought neighbors and their dogs the second time!!!

A terrific bonding moment with you and your dog!!!
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Chris Perkins & Melinda Robert 7/7/2014 12:47 am EDT
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