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 Subject: Novice Trick Class
Author: Martha Milli
Date:   5/2/2015 9:23 pm EDT
Bailey and I just completed the Novice Trick Class at Pet Experts which we loved. First of all , Bailey loves Diane and 'Doggie School'. I am not exaggerating when I say that Bailey really gets excited when I tell her that we are heading to 'Doggie School' . I find that the trick class has proven to be a fun way to continue training Bailey and getting her to focus on my prompts and directions. In addition, the trick class inspires me to spend time with Bailey playing training games. Lastly, I enjoy learning new techniques for working with Bailey. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys working with their dog.
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 Novice Trick Class    
Martha Milli 5/2/2015 9:23 pm EDT
 RE: Novice Trick Class   new  
Kathleen Poniatowski 5/7/2015 10:20 am EDT
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