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 Subject: RE: Novice Trick Class
Author: Kathleen Poniatowski
Date:   5/7/2015 10:20 am EDT
Muse and I also just completed Novice Trick class and we had a blast! Diane is a wonderful instructor and we had so much fun. Now when Muse wants a special treat, she starts doing tricks, hoping one of them will get her a reward,lol.
Muse has also completed basic obedience and CGC with Diane. Can't wait to try some new things like Rally and Fun & Games night. Thanks Diane, for keeping my girl entertained!
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Martha Milli 5/2/2015 9:23 pm EDT
 RE: Novice Trick Class    
Kathleen Poniatowski 5/7/2015 10:20 am EDT
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