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 Subject: Puppy I, Puppy II and more
Author: Pam
Date:   6/23/2016 1:23 pm EDT
Emma (my now 5.5 month mini -Aussie) and I just completed the PUPPY I and Puppy II class. If you have a puppy less than 1 year you need to go tot his class. Diane was a superb trainer. We loved the class and learned so much. Some very basic things and when I had an issue with Emma outside of class Diane was an expert to provide me with a solution. I am not a novice owner (I have 3 King Charles Cavaliers) but I needed help with socializing a new, energetic and very very smart breed. Diane individualized our learning so that I felt we were getting a LOT for our money and time. I can't wait to go back with Emma for tricks and Agility- we are now a VIP member and I hope you will come too.
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 Puppy I, Puppy II and more    
Pam 6/23/2016 1:23 pm EDT
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