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 Subject: Yelp review, posted 4-1-17
Author: Sandra B
Date:   4/2/2017 8:39 pm EDT
We adopted our baby Roxie when her owners threw her out into the street.  She is three years old an knew absolutely nothing. After one class at Diane's pet training facility Roxie learned to sit an how to tolerate other dogs. We have made great progress after few more classes.  Diane an Wendy (who teaches obedience)are fantastic at what they do. If your pet needs any kind of training or you just want something fun to do with your pet, check this place out.  You will learn as well as your pet an have fun at the same time.
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 Yelp review, posted 4-1-17    
Sandra B 4/2/2017 8:39 pm EDT
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