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 Subject: FB review - 3-22-17
Author: Pat Douglass
Date:   7/5/2017 4:44 pm EDT
Such a pleasant atmosphere. The facility is so very clean and lovely, with rubber matting and brightly painted walls. It is multi-faceted with wash stalls and a grooming parlor. Diane Sammarco, Trainer, is about the most gentle and friendliest instructor your pooch will want to meet. Her classes are so much fun for both handler and dog. And Cathy, the groomer, who can make your dog look like a million bucks, always greets you with a smile and has this way of making you feel so special. Try it out--you will see why it is rated so high.
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 FB review - 3-22-17    
Pat Douglass 7/5/2017 4:44 pm EDT
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