Subject: RE: Robberies
Author: HENK
Date:   10/5/2009 10:06 am PDT
Hi Vern & Caren

Hope all is well!!

Here is a letter that was send hope this helps

We are going down on Thursday with Von


Hi John,

I called Chayo last night to ask abut something for my house, and he informed me that there was a break in Bob Green, Mel Snider, Gary Nolan, Romeo and Gibs, but they were not able to take anything with them, Chayo and the soldiers think that couple of guys came in on foot, sometime early in the morning and piled everything in one area like if they were coming back for them later, soldiers reported that there were four guys in a truck coming from Puertesitos, and yesterday they have returned back with six guys, so in mean time Chayo put everything in Mel's house for now, so if you have any email addresses or phone number could you please notify them, and if you do have Rudy's email address could you please get together with Chayo, as Chayo has to leave on Saturday to El Rosario to drop off his wife, Chayo's mother in law is in grave health condition. We need to come up with some kind of strong security plan and need everybody's input and ideas, as things are going to get worse as the road condition gets better, as the soldiers think these guys are from Puertesitos, so Chayo is requesting Captain to have couple of soldiers to stay at Punta Final for the moment.


Kevin Choi
1408 south Mission Road
Fallbrook, California 92028
Phone : (760) 728-8800
Fax : (760) 728-8885
Cell : (213) 305-8839

In a message dated 8/27/2009 11:03:08 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ptfinal@san.rr.com writes:
just a quick note regarding a problem in passing the gate. The Tufans left on Tuesday and waited at the gate to be opened. Nothing happened. Romeo got out, called into the trailer - not a soul in sight. And the gate was open anyways. If someone wants to steal a car, it can be bypassed along the dump or along the beach. Christel and John

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