Subject: BIG Conference Speech
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Date:   8/19/2007 6:06 pm EDT
Greeting Sharon:
I heard you speak at the BIG conference in Nashville, TN and I am proud to admit you were the most enlightening speaker I encountered at the conference. Your session was lively and kept the attention of everyone in the room. Every subject may not have appled to everybody but most of the subjects applied to most of the audience. After I view the DVD's I will be sure to invite friends and family over to watch them and I'm sure some subjects you speak upon will step on some toes but "OH WELL!",sometimes as adults and young adults there are things that we are aware of but we just need to hear it out loud. I will gladly direct them to your website so they can purchase their own copy of the book and DVDs and keep your name, website and your messages moving. (It's only been 3 days since I heard you speak and sure have kept your name, website and quite a few of your messages moving!)I read your book in 1 afternoon - started reading and couldn't put it down! If it is at all possible could you email me a copy of the poem you recited at the beginning of your "If Somebody's Got to Do It, How to Make it You" session.

Also I noticed you didn't base your session around "A Man/ Your Man" and I think some of these sisters out here need to know that A Woman can still be Woman and does not have to have a MAN to validate her. So many women put too much time into a MAN (who may not necessarily be hers) and not as much effort into themselves and their children. Ex. "I'm going to get my hair and nail done to look good for my MAN!" When I get my hair and nails done it is done for ME!

May youand your family/friends continue to be BLESSED, and keep up the excellent work, because your speeches are truely a GIFT!!

Again, Thanks

Until my next posting,
Diva 114

PS, After sharing your message, I'll email you with some subjects we (Me and my friends and family) would like to hear your views on! You might even want to use them in some of you future sessions. I'll be glad to hear what you have to say!

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