Subject: daughter;born 7/31/68;awarded to teacher
Author: mildred e. johnson
Date:   9/4/2017 6:06 pm CDT
i was a resident of east orange n.j. from 1964 to 1985.i
was a single mother with 3 children;a daughter;cosandra l. johnson;born 7/31/68;and twin sons aged 13.my daughter had
a learning disability.teacher filed charges in essex county court;stating i was neglectful mother to my daughter;and she
wanted to adopt her.(i still have her court complaint;i do not want to give her name here.i received a letter from the
d.y.f.s.;stating for me to appear in court;8/25/77.the letter
was dated;(still have it and all documents;saved from 1976.)
teacher was given 3 months custody;illegally;as d.y.f.s.
appeared in teacher's place;and did not present evidence i
was unfit.teacher hid daughter after one visit;for 22 years.
relocated to n.y.c.;and took twin sons west near parents.
n.c.i.c. agent located teacher and daughter;living in new
town.when contacted with police;daughter refused contact;
1999.it was found out;teacher changed daughter's ss #.i have petitioned n.j. and d.c. courts;pro se;but i still do not know if my daughter was adopted.in 2012:(have copy);in reply
from me;assignment judge patricia k. costello;stated;"your
parental rights were not terminated;teacher filed legal custody;in e.c. court;e.c. 3205-76.(have copy).letter from
d.y.f.s.;in reply;dated january 9th,1998;stated my daughter
was in long term care;and not adopted.(have copy;signed by
gerald r.giglio;adoption registry coordinator;stating my
daughter was in teacher's house in long term care;and not
adopted.my question is;if i was never accused of child
neglect;and yet my daughter was allowed to remain in this
teacher's home;from 8/25/77;up to 1999;what legal grounds
was she to keep her away from her family for 22 years;
and brainwash her;illegally?my daughter was 49 years old;
july31st,2017.the last time i saw her she was 9 years old.
please sen d me any organization that may help me to the
truth about my daughter's circumstances.i believe she is
and has been the victim of human trafficking;involving
powerful people.all statements are the truth;and can be
proven . i live out west;at present.i need the truth;and closure.yours truly,mildred e. johnson
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mildred e. johnson 9/4/2017 6:06 pm CDT
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