Subject: Post : m. or fe. mm/dd/yyyy city,state
Author: joan Edelman
Date:   9/12/2017 8:46 am CDT
When posting put M. or fe. mm/dd/yyyy and city,state of birth. If you are adopted in another state list that too.

this way we know how to best assist you. Check the laws here,

Plus check on registry.adoption.com and do a profile too.

thank you,


ps looking for all adoptees born in ny and adopted in nj who maybe having trouble getting their birth certificates.

Seems nj is telling people they don't have them. The nj laws read if you are born OR adopted in nj you can apply for your birth certificate.

Joan of nyadoptees. I also help with all states.
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 Post : m. or fe. mm/dd/yyyy city,state    
joan Edelman 9/12/2017 8:46 am CDT
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