Subject: to find biological parentor parents
Author: robin sanders
Date:   2/3/2019 7:53 pm CDT
i'm trying to find my biological birth parents. I think my dad is still living. My name at adoption, was Karen Krelenz . I was just an infant, maybe a few months old when adopted out of a Catholic orphanage . My birth date is March 10 th , 1954 , in Bavaria, County, Aschaffenburgh, Germany. I think my dad is 94 now,30 when I was born. Around there. The lady that adopted me, Betty c. Drake and Aaron Caroll Drake, were to be my parents,he wasin the military. Please help me because I do believe Dad is still in Germany. If anyone else reads this, please tell him and alert me. I'm 65 in March, and I've looked and looked. It's time for someone to help me,please. Robin Sanders, I'm now married robinlynne72207@yahoo.com
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 to find biological parentor parents    
robin sanders 2/3/2019 7:53 pm CDT
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