Subject: Finding my sick grandmas son
Author: Samantha
Date:   8/1/2020 4:24 pm CDT
My grandmother has been sick for awhile now. She constantly brings up the son she gave up for adoption in 1965.

She tells us that she wanted nothing more than to keep her baby but her parents made her give him up. I have been searching for different records online but I am not having any luck. She says that she wants to know he is okay before she passes away or even possibly meet him.

Her name is Angela Soroka, her maiden name is Fischer. Her birthday is July 2, 1945. She named her son Todd Stuart Fischer. He was was born February 21, 1965 at Tewksbury State Hospital in Massachusetts. She did baptize him before she gave him up for adoption but we do not know the church. She gave him to an adoption agency in Lowell.

That is really all the information I have on him. If anything you can contact me at samanthaheckley@yahoo.com
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 Finding my sick grandmas son    
Samantha 8/1/2020 4:24 pm CDT
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Barbara 8/2/2020 8:18 am CDT
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