Subject: looking for child born (62/63) Haleyville area
Author: Sarah Belcher
Date:   11/18/2020 7:42 pm CDT
I am searching for I think an Uncle but maybe an Aunt.
My grandmother gave birth to a child in 1962/63 and from what I've been told the catholic church peoples made her give him up for adoption. She had 5 other children and her husband left her when she got pregnant with this child.
my grandmothers name was Giovanna Dossena Mobley. She came to the United States from Italy with her American husband, Jerry Mobley, and their children.

Information I know-
mothers name: Giovanna Mobley
maiden name: Dossena
birth mother was from Italy and moved to Haleyville, Al
possible birth name: Jerry Mobley
birth father was from the Haleyville/ Birmingham, Al area.
birth father is former military.
adoptee has 5 siblings, 3 sisters and two brothers.
Birth would have probably been through a catholic hospital and in or around Haleyville, Al.

If this describes you, or you maybe think its you, please contact me. Your siblings, especially my mother and aunt have both tried to find you. I would love nothing more than to know who you are.

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Sarah Belcher 11/18/2020 7:42 pm CDT
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joan Edelman 1/10/2021 12:57 am CDT
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