Subject: Florence Crittenton Detroit 8/23/1960
Author: Charles Harrison
Date:   7/22/2022 12:40 am CDT
I am adopted and looking for birth mother. I was born August 23,1960 and was told I was born ďMichaelĒ by my birth mother who was 15 at the time. I have searched for years off and on without any luck. Not long ago, I did ancestry and show relatives, but not getting far. I do believe I have figured out my birth father, but he has passed so canít go to him directly. I have had a pretty good life, but no matter the reason(s) I was adopted out, I am hoping to find my biological family. If you are reading this, I donít want to be disruptive of your life or family, and if you donít want to reach out, I understand.
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 Florence Crittenton Detroit 8/23/1960    
Charles Harrison 7/22/2022 12:40 am CDT
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Keith Thomas Williams 10/23/2022 1:22 pm CDT
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