Subject: RE: Looking for my father???
Author: Sterling Corbett
Date:   1/1/2024 3:16 pm CDT
I do know my dad had a ton of aliases and I've heard a bunch of children I know I had a brother or 10 but the only one that I know about for a fact I stumbled across another. By the same mother but I don't know if he's blood and the mother won't admit nothing and she found him on here. My dad claims to be from Oklahoma but he was from Kansas he had a bunch of aliases the last I knew for a fact is he was in California in '79 at some point he may have went there in 77 or 78 what was your mom's name? This ain't probably going to be full of spelling errors and pronunciation issues but I'm using talk to text lol. I was born 7/3 of 74 my biological father I found him in 2018 he passed in 2019 the name that he was known for using the most would have been his name actually at Birth was Walter George case, he used the name John Roy George case John case and a bunch of variables of that I've heard Hodges too because I think one of my brothers has the middle name of that. I also know his main nickname was skip and he also use Skippy or skipper if any of this rings a bell let me know. And I don't have a problem giving out my phone number. I was born 7 3 of 1974 in New Orleans Louisiana my mom split on my biological father and for some reason every child he's ever had the mother is hid them or they've been adopted out. But look have a great day and got my number if you need it if I don't answer send a text and tell me who you are and I'll call you right back. I go by Paulie anyway
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