Subject: Latest Visit to Japan
Author: Paul Floodgate
Date:   8/19/2008 1:10 pm 
As promised, I said I would summarise my latest visit by posting a message on Bridge International’s site.

The visit went far better than expected. From the point of travelling and physical condition, to the meetings and social side of things, the visit was a great success. Thanks in large part to your advice.

No carb drinks and no alcohol on outward flight, along with setting watches to Japanese time before take-off allowed us 6 (yes ,6!) hours sleep during the flight over. Thus arrived fresh for the journey to the hotel.

Cranberry juice was a great idea, also eating cranberries on the flight worked well (no liquids!).

The photo we presented was very well appreciated, as were the Powerpoint slides containing Japanese kanji. By Monday evening, we were like old friends with our Japanese hosts.

Not sure about Rescue Remedy and/or Melatonin – may not be strong enough to overcome my anxiety over next day (which was completely unfounded).

All the meetings were conducted in a very friendly and productive manner, culminating in a final day off-the-record meeting which was pure Gold Dust.

So thanks again and look forward to many opportunities to work with you and Kazue in the future.
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