Subject: What a visit!!!
Author: Paul Floodgate
Date:   9/2/2009 10:54 am 
Again thanks for all your help before our latest trip to Japan. As ever advice on jet lag avoidance proved invaluable, cranberry saved my life. The Onsen was Ok but no food available and no room, probalby because we did not book and it was O-Bon holiday and a sunday! We got food at a local restaurant so no problems. The early check-in helped because we had a room to drop our gear and get freshened up, always a good thing after a long flight. Wrapping service at the hotel was quick cheap and efficient and saved any problems of damage in transit. The use of the Takuhaibin was not so succesful as the service provided would have got our luggage to Tokyo the day after which would have been no help at all, did not use to NRT as we found it very easy to use luggage carts etc in hotel and avoided any problems with pick up at the airport. Name badges and book-end slides with Japanese Kanji were well received and created limited comment, but were helpful. Did not use in Tokyo meeting but may have been useful given the number of people in the meeting. All in all some valuable background information provided and a successful trip resulted. Thank agin for all your help. Kind regards to Kazue.
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Paul Floodgate 9/2/2009 10:54 am 
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Kazue Mihara 9/17/2009 10:45 am 
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Paul Floodgate 9/17/2009 12:48 am 
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