Subject: RE: What a visit!!!
Author: Michael Houser
Date:   9/16/2009 11:39 am 
Paul ...
Your detailed feedback on what was a deservedly successful trip to Osaka & Tokyo is much appreciated.

I'll comment on a number of the issues you raise - Kazue will post separately on your experience at Fudoguchikan Onsen and on the problem you encountered with the takuhaibin service we recommended.

we're delighted that these were well-received. I think you said that you opted not to wear them during your Tokyo meetings - we would advise wearing them to any meetings- particularly to meetings with new customers and to meetings with large numbers of participants (where it's hard to exchange meishi & pleasantries more personally).

these went down well last year and, unsurprisingly, did so again this year. They form a nice 'set' with katakana name badges & nicely done Japanese meishi.
The fact that you opened & closed your presentation(s) in Japanese will
have completed the set ... and really driven home the point that you take your customers very seriously & prepared accordingly.
Making laminated cue-cards for this with the material presented
at your pre-departure briefing was an inspired idea.

London Olympics Commemorative Coins:
great to hear that (as we all expected), the Gate Tower Hotel came through for you and wrapped them nicely, inexpensively & without fuss.
These are ideal gifts, aren't they. Unbreakable, small, light, inexpensive ...
and memorable to the recipients.
Your customer's comments about London having 'beaten' Tokyo in
being awarded the 2012 Summer Games were wide of the mark ... Tokyo is currently pitching the IOC for the 2016 Games - although it looks like they'll
be beaten by either Rio or Jo-burg. The customer's comments were actually
a compliment to London - even if Tokyo wasn't in the competition, London still won - and are a clear sign that these gifts really hit the spot.
The coins minted in 2009 are the 1st in a series the Royal Mint will
produce each year, between now & the opening of the Games in 2012. You can now build on this gift by giving newly-minted coins on your 2010, 2011 & 2012 visits. Having the full set will demonstrate conclusively to your customers that you've really thought about getting the smallest details in your business relationship with them right.

Early arrival arrangements:
we're pleased that this provided the help we thought it would. Had it not been for the fact that you arrived in Kansai International at the end of the O-Bon festival, it would have been possible to arrange early access to all your rooms.
Would you let us know if 1 room would have sufficed, regardless of
your arrival date or whether you would always prefer everyone to have immediate access to their rooms when your flight from Europe arrives before hotel check-out time.

Once you've read Kazue's post, please do give us further feedback.

Kind regards, as ever ...
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