Subject: RE: Japanese Training
Author: Michael Houser
Date:   9/18/2009 9:27 am 
Joanne ...
This is further to Kazue's suggestions.

If you haven't already looked at it, why not go to the JAPAN RESOURCES
page of our website. This lists a variety of useful websites for business people working with Japanese customers.

If you go to [or just click on the hyperlink for this site on the JAPAN RESOURCES page], you'll find a link to KID'S WEB JAPAN.

If you then go to the >Learn option and select >Language you'll find an 8-lesson course, as well as further hyperlinks to HIRAGANA and KATAKANA (not only in chart form, but also with a sound/pronunciation option).

There are further hyperlinks on this same page for KANJI and NUMBERS - both of which will be extremely useful in getting you started on your Learn Japanese journey.

The best thing about this - apart from being easily accessible, visually very attracted & animated - is that it's equally attractive (and accessible) to young children ... you & your children could actually (dare I say it ...) have fun starting Japanese together, whether it's learning the numbers, the hiragana & katakana and then moving on to some foundation kanji.

This is about as painless as language-learning gets ... and apart from being able to do it simultaneously with your own children, it also sets you up very nicely for following Kazue's suggestion regarding JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE.
You will already have a good foundation - and the confidence that comes with it.

Gambatte! がんばって!
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