Subject: First visit to Japan
Author: Tim Wallis
Date:   4/5/2008 2:27 pm 
I am a software engineer working in the UK in a high tech industry. My knowledge of Japan and Japanese is fairly rudimentary.
In anticipation of a first visit to Japan, I am wondering what services your organisation might offer that would best suit me, whether it is information packages, briefings, counselling, or tutorials, for example. I guess it depends to what degree such information provision can be tailored to a specific technical area, such as radar technology, for example. Here, relevant topics might relate to the current Japanese market for radar systems, and translation of technical vocabulary.
Really, I'm looking for advice, both general and specific. What do I need to know for a first visit? Can you help?
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 First visit to Japan    
Tim Wallis 4/5/2008 2:27 pm 
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