Subject: RE: First visit to Japan
Author: Michael Houser
Date:   4/10/2008 10:19 am 
Mr. Wallis ...
Firstly, apologies for the brief delay in getting back to you ... thank you for contacting us.

Congratulations on your impending, inaugural visit to Japan; we hope that you're looking forward to it. First visits to Japan never fail to have a
considerable impact on visitors.

Based on the information you've provided us with, we can assist you in making your first visit as effective as possible in 2 ways:
we offer a made-to-measure pre-departure briefing programme, known as
'Destination ... Japan'. The content & weighting of modules included in it is
individually tailored to your existing level of Japan knowledge/experience,
your specific visit objectives & any concerns about visiting Japan that you
highlight for us.
Typically, 'Destination ... Japan' programmes run over 2 days; we can
run the programme wherever you prefer. We generally like to have 4 ~ 6
weeks to prepare a programme, and would advise that it be held 3 ~ 6
weeks before your departure for Japan

we can provide you with technical language support, in several ways.
Firstly, if you can provide us with a list of technical terms which are vital
to your visit, we can produce an English ~ Japanese glossary which includes
any terms you provide, along with others which we feel might be of use to
You can see an example of one of our technical glossaries on our
website, at:

Secondly, we can include both general & technical Japanese language
briefing within a 'Destination ... Japan' programme. We also offer tailor-
made 'Speak ... Business Japanese' short courses, which can be run in
conjunction with 'Destination ... Japan' [either as half-day or full-day

Thirdly, we would include a 'Working Effectively ... With Your Japanese
Interpreter' module in your pre-departure briefing.

Fourthly, we are available to support you while you are in Japan, either
by arranging a native Japanese interpreter, bilingual in English and also
by being available to respond - either on-line and/or by telephone - if
issues arise during your visit about which you would like advice.

After you have had an opportunity to reflect on everything that I've said here, please give us a ring, so that we can discuss all the various possibilities in greater detail.

Thank you once again for contacting us. We very much look forward to hearing further from you, and to having the pleasure of working with you in connection with your business visit to Japan.

Kind regards,
Michael Houser
Training Director
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