Subject: 100-Mile Ride Sheena's Inspiration
Author: Nicole Ritchie
Date:   10/2/2008 4:47 pm EDT
Hi Friends & Family of Sheena,

This October 4th, I will ride the Seagull Century in Sheena's honor and celebrate my 40th birthday. Many of my friends and family who only know of Sheena from my stories kept asking if they could contribute something. After a little searching I found that I could turn a personal event into a fund raising effort for the American Cancer Society. So far, I've raised $1320 in just a few days time.

(To see the website, paste the following link: )

On one of my last visits to Sheena, I told her that I planned to complete a Century (a 100-mile bicycle ride) because of her influence. She first snickered at me as I'm her shopping/traveling friend with NO athletic ability or inclination! But sensing my commitment, she gave me her road bike and told me to get to work.

Why a Century, you may ask? I can't run.

You all know Sheena was a great marathon runner. Competing with her Brother in the "McDermott Challenge", always trying to displace each other's sweaty marathon photos on her parents mantle. Even while battling cancer, Sheena showed tremendous strength, perserverance, and a sense of humor. I miss her dearly.
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Nicole Ritchie 10/2/2008 4:47 pm EDT
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Nicole Ritchie 10/2/2008 5:10 pm EDT
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