Subject: RE: McDermott Women's Book Club List
Author: Mary Gleason,IBVM
Date:   5/21/2008 5:13 pm EDT
Hi everyone,
I have just been introduced to Sheena's website and am having fun trying to get into all of the parts. I wish to be included as an admirer of Sheena, and as believing that she is now looking down on us from Heaven as she enjoys her new life. Her mom, my cousin Mary, had kept me up on Sheena's condition. My joy had been that she worked here near Chicago for a while and I got to kind of know her. Reading some of the website materials tell me we were surely cut from the same cloth.
The Bookclub caught my eye and as I read some of the comments, I realized that you do the same things there that we do in Naperville with our book club. And, we had fun with the Red Tent also. We also have lots of wine and do lots of talking and do not all like the same books that we have chosen. Our most recent choice was to each read her own and say whatever you wish at the next meeting. My choice was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it is challenging as well as life changing.Keep on reading and God bless Sheena and each of you. Sr. Mary Gleason

Katie wrote:
Thanks for your note - of course it made me cry. We will all encounter those moments when the harsh reality sets in. Thanks for doing the website - it is great to share our memories here. And I love the main picture of Sheena - it really captures how full of life she was.
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