Subject: Recommended [edit]
Author: Norm Ross
Date:   2/28/2015 3:50 pm EDT
Jeremiah is hardworking, resourceful, multi-skilled, and personable. Over the years he has been willing and able to tackle every project we’ve thrown at him from restoring a century-old tongue-and-groove porch ceiling, to hanging and taping drywall, crown moulding installation, eavestrough and parging repair, and myriad painting jobs. He is comfortable on interior and exterior worksites, in awkward locations and even at great heights. We will continue to employ Jeremiah for jobs that require a skilled worker and specialized knowledge. As an owner-operator, Jeremiah can accommodate virtually any job mandate, large or small, and tailor his schedule to fit yours. Jeremiah is an unabashed conversationalist and will take the success of any job to heart. We recommend him.

Norm Ross
century homeowner
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