Subject: "Towing Plan / Arrangement"
Author: Steve Thomas
Date:   8/5/2019 8:01 am 

We have a Toweye-supplied towing rig (purchased from Richman Marine / Simon Addrison). The first one was in 2009 or 2010 and the latest one was purchased in June 2014 but only just put into service a few weeks ago.

Our new insurance policy states "Warranted no cover given for towing of tenders until such time as Underwriters have seen and approved towing plan /arrangements."

Do you have a suitable template I can use please?

Our rig is specified as:

One Complete Tow Harness with One Extra Painter 2 X 60 Nylon Bridle W/3' Cordura Eyes 1 X 150' Spectra Hawser W/30.000 Lbs Snap Shackle IX 10' Spectra Painter W/1 ID Stainless Thimble ends & Stainless Bolt type Shackle

Steve Thomas
Captain M/Y FADLALLAH (38m)
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 "Towing Plan / Arrangement"    
Steve Thomas 8/5/2019 8:01 am 
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