Subject: RE: adjustment of tow length underway
Author: Joe
Date:   7/16/2009 1:19 pm 
The total length of the rig is around 200'. We find that this is the perfect distance for towing. On the Mother ships side of the nylon bridle we leave bitter ends so you can fine tune the length just enough to get the tender to ride on the desired wave (10'-15'), bringing it in or out to get it where it trails the best, then tie it off.
As for docking, I feel you should be free and have a mate follow you in to port under the tenders own power.
Here is another forum for you to read. goto the last few post. more advice from a experenced towing Capt.(pglein). This should help.
I hope this helps you, If you have any more questions, comtact me... THANK-YOU..
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