Subject: Talking Heads
Author: Charles Charpentier
Date:   8/8/2011 0:04 am EDT
Greetings, Barry!

I'm on my second read of MDFARV. It's amazing how you seem to have left nothing out. Thanks so much. This is my favorite book on the subject, and I've read quite a few.

I know that you say that talking heads do not make a documentary. And many people just use B-roll over the interviews to make the video more interesting. But I have a project that pretty much eliminates any possibility of "showing" than "just telling." It's about people that have left a certain religious sect to pursue a better spiritual life. I cannot show people leaving this sect. The only thing I am left with is interviews. I can't interview them in a surrounding which would show the story. Should I just write a book? Or do an audio CD with edited interviews and some voiceover? I was hoping to make a video, as I want to use this as a tool to free people from this particular control sect, and people are more apt to watch a video than to take in any other sort of media. I'm not trying to win any awards, but I'm a good filmmaker and editor. Do you think it could still work with just the interviews and maybe some B-roll?

Thanks so much for your help. I need to get on with this soon.

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