Subject: Thank you
Author: Oleg Finodeyev
Date:   3/9/2016 11:48 am EDT
Dear Mr. Hampe:

At one moment of my life I felt urge to change the world using video documentaries as a tool. profession I am an engineer and field of film-making was entirely new to me. So, I had to learn the process and for this reason I purchased your book "Making Documentary Films and Videos". It was starting point and finally we - my wife and I came up with our first documentary video. I still not sure if it "true" documentary but looks like it is. And your book became sort of bible in my video-production career.

I am taking liberty to send you link to our video and if you will have either time or will to comment on it from a producer standpoint I will be very grateful. Our major issue is the luck of piers who would spare an advise.

Thank you and best wishes,
Oleg Finodeyev
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 Thank you    
Oleg Finodeyev 3/9/2016 11:48 am EDT
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