Subject: Unknown C-47 (?) wreck in Subic Bay
Author: Andy
Date:   3/29/2013 2:00 am PDT
A C-47, or variant, has been located underwater in Subic Bay, Philippines. I can find no record of such an aircraft crashing in that area via online database search.

I am hoping to identify this aircraft and would value any assistance/advice that can be provided.

The aircraft is laying upside-down on the sea floor at a depth below standard recreational diving depths - so research/ID dives upon it are infrequent and complex.

The wreck is largely intact, but the cockpit is heavily damaged and the engines ripped off at the wing front. One prop and some engine parts are laid nearby on the sea floor. Much of the inner cabin (forward of the wings) is full of silt and, for now, inaccessible.

The main cabin, rear of the wings, seems divided by bulkheads. The only contents found thus far is a crate and empty wine bottles (seem like vintage bottles).

Towards the very rear of the cabin is a small section that contains two tubes which run through the floor of the aircraft (exit outside).

It has a small access door behind the wing (I believe, as another/wider door could be there, but is heavily encrusted, so I cannot tell.

The cockpit area is heavily damaged/ripped open/tangled. One metal seat is laying on the sea floor outside. Both control sticks are visible (3-spoke horseshoe type). No other instruments yet identified (all heavily encrusted).

I took some photos, if that would help.

Any guidance gratefully received - especially where to look for identifying marks/serial plaques etc etc
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 Unknown C-47 (?) wreck in Subic Bay    
Andy 3/29/2013 2:00 am PDT
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